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I learned that in john 11, lazarus of bethany died, and was raised by jesus from the dead, after he was entombed for 4 days. In fact, jesus said: “our friend lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going to wake him up.” there is a discussion of death vs natural sleep. Jesus asks that the tomb be opened, and lazarus, wrapped in what ethiopians call “abujedi,” walked out. Jesus said “take off the grave clothes and let him go.”

Debre is a 19-year old girl from gondar with neuromuscular scoliosis. She had been walking unassisted, but in the recent year or 2 had lost the connect neuro physiotherapy ability to walk or to move her arms or feed connect neuro physiotherapy herself. Others have to feed her and toilet her. We scanned her – both CT and MRI and found nothing surgical which could connect neuro physiotherapy be corrected. We chose not to operate on her scoliosis.

Kaleab drove over, opened up the amharic bible, and they read john 11, the story of lazarus. Afterwards, debre fell asleep. 2 hours lter, I was working on her air ticket and phoned to connect neuro physiotherapy ask her date of birth. They were unable to wake her, and were very concerned that she might have died. After 5 hours, she woke up and began shouting. People rushed in, and she shouted out of tears and smiles: “I can move, I can move.” debre had not lifted her arms in over a year, and now she could lift them over her head. She had not lifted her legs, and now she could lift them. I examined her – clearly she had new strength.

We reported this to dr. Boachie, who is strong in his christian faith. He replied: “wow great story and testimony. Kaleab may not be a professing christian, but he took a step of faith, and combined with debre’s faith, god answered a prayer. It is a sign for kaleab to know he has connect neuro physiotherapy a gift and should use it.Many times jesus said to people including sinners “your faith has made you well.” there are many such instances in the new testament.It is really a back to life experience.”

Now, I’d like to introduce genzeb (“our fortune”). She is a 16-year-old girl from the town of ataye in N. Shewa province, about 5 hours north of the capital. Genzeb is at the top of her class (#5 out of 45 students) and wants to be a doctor. 2 decades ago, this might have been very difficult. But this year, ethiopia has a female chief of elections, a female defense minister, a female chief justice of the supreme court, and…a female president! The doors are open to women.

Her dad is a farmer, her mom is a housewife, mother of 4. They grow teff, barley, onions, and spinach. They have 1 cow, 1 ox, and a male camel named “anbessa” (lion) which they purchased from afar people for $470. They live in a mud hut and only recently got connect neuro physiotherapy electricity, now they have 4 light bulbs. They bring water from a local well – both the women and men carry. They bring 4 jerry cans twice a day.

I asked about her siblings. An older brother was not a good student and is connect neuro physiotherapy now a farmer. Another is studying computers in desse. One has psychological issues. And then there is genzeb, a star student. She has had a rough time, students treat her differently, she walks to school alone, but is not often teased. And she knows that in 2018 she can go far connect neuro physiotherapy and become a doctor…. Or perhaps president!

What is holding genzeb back? She is in 7 thgrade, she weighs 52 lbs, and has a lousy appetite. Why? Her spine. She has severe congenital scoliosis, deforming her spine terribly. It has crushed her lungs, and her lung volume (FVC) is .61 liters – about 2 cans of coke. It is 20% of what it should be. At this moment, her lungs make her inoperable.

I weighed her chances: on one hand, she has a couple of better signs. She is neurologically intact, her spinal cord is normal without splits or tethering, and she does not have neurofibromatosis, which afflicts 5% of our patients. On the other side, she has a terrible deformity, she is not very flexible, and her lung capacity cannot withstand surgery. Not to mention her nutritional level.

Without intervention, she is not expected to live more than a year connect neuro physiotherapy or 2 – a case of pneumonia would easily kill her because she connect neuro physiotherapy has no reserve. In the best case scenario, she could go to FOCOS hospital in accra, be put into ambulatory traction 23 hours a day (sitting, standing, lying, but not in the bathroom or dining hall), for several months. And do lung exercises during this time. We would feel much more comfortable if we could get connect neuro physiotherapy her lung capacity up to 1 liter (about a quart). And ideally, decompressing her spine would decompress her stomach, and she could put on weight, both with a better diet as well as plumpynut. That is our goal. Genzeb is now in ghana, waiting for evaluation this week, and traction to start. You can help save her life!

His dad is a guard at a cow laboratory, and supports the family on $44/month before taxes. They own 1 cow, and do farming, producing 400 kg of barley per year. They live in a rented 3-room mud home with a corrugated aluminum roof (“korkoro” in the local language). Each room has a single dim light bulb. Water and toilet are outside. Their house rent? $3.70. Per year.

Abdi had a tough childhood. As his spine deformed, he was unable to walk on hills or long distances. Local kids would taunt him with the word “gobata,” a strong insult, meaning “hunchback.” despite this, he was among the top 10 students at high school, and was admitted to a great school – welaita university where he is a solid student, majoring in mechanical engineering. He gets help from his older sister, who send him $14/month for books and expenses.

Abdi wants to finish school and work as an engineer, marry, and have children. But abdi’s condition is not sustainable. His only hope? Going to FOCOS hospital in ghana and going into ambulatory connect neuro physiotherapy traction for months, followed by surgery to reshape his spine. There is no guarantee of success, but without this, he is bound to have a much shorter lifespan.