Terms of reference bmz mogadishu mid-term evaluation in deynile and neuro physiotherapy kahdadistricts, banadir region.

For over 100 years, save the children has been making a difference in children’s lives in more than 120 countries. We are the world’s largest independent child rights organization, underpinned by a vision in a world in which every neuro physiotherapy jobs child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world neuro physiotherapy jobs treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. We are an equal opportunity organization dedicated to our core neuro physiotherapy jobs values of accountability, ambition, and collaboration. Our culture is embedded in these values, along with a strong commitment to our child safeguarding protocol, ensuring that all representatives of save the children demonstrate the neuro physiotherapy jobs highest standards of behavior towards children both in their private neuro physiotherapy jobs and professional lives.

Save the children has worked in somalia since 1951 when neuro physiotherapy jobs we set up a vocational school for orphaned boys in neuro physiotherapy jobs somalia. From the early 1970s save the children has provided emergency neuro physiotherapy jobs assistance when the needs demand. Each year, about 650,000 children benefit from our longer-term development work in health, nutrition, water, sanitation hygiene (WASH), education, food security and livelihoods (FSL), child protection and child rights governance.

The BMZ project aims to build the resilience of the neuro physiotherapy jobs most vulnerable households in deynile and kahda districts, prioritizing internally displaced persons (idps) (both existing and newly displaced), as well as returnee households. The project started in september2017, progress towards achieving key milestones was made except for some neuro physiotherapy jobs challenges in the initial two months of implementation.

Although the project is implementing by directly by save the neuro physiotherapy jobs children, it is done in close collaboration with the community, private sector and the government to ensure the long term neuro physiotherapy jobs sustainability of the project. The project works with the district level government authorities including neuro physiotherapy jobs district commissioners, in project implementation from beneficiary identification to throughout the project neuro physiotherapy jobs life cycle. At regional and national level, the project undertakes strategic interventions through capacity building and support neuro physiotherapy jobs with the ministry of labour and social affairs. These includes development of new TVET frameworks, strengthening government capacity to design, develop, manage and monitor TVET programs and contribution to the establishment neuro physiotherapy jobs of a national social protection mechanism. At the district and national government level, sciworks with relevant water departments to ensure that they have neuro physiotherapy jobs the necessary capacity to support sustainability of WASH services. Capacity building normally includes the involvement of key staff from neuro physiotherapy jobs government departments throughout the project life cycle from selection, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and learning. This collaborative approach allows government to legitimately claim ownership of neuro physiotherapy jobs the project outcomes and is more likely to make resources neuro physiotherapy jobs available for future maintenance with the following four specific objectives neuro physiotherapy jobs with respective indicators overall objective: men, women and children in vulnerable communities are more resilient to neuro physiotherapy jobs shocks

The overall objective of this midterm evaluation is to assess neuro physiotherapy jobs and provide detailed analysis of achievements against project objectives and neuro physiotherapy jobs measures project’s impact, effectiveness efficiency and sustainability. Evaluation is to facilitate a process which will document project neuro physiotherapy jobs outputs, outcome and impact and to measure progress achieved, status of all indicators compared to project baseline figures. The evaluation will cover sectors the four results mentioned above neuro physiotherapy jobs and to recommend/suggest actions deemed fit for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of neuro physiotherapy jobs alike projects in the future.

Possible key respondents or data sources are initially determined by neuro physiotherapy jobs project team; however, the detailed data source and methods, and full questionnaires are required from consultant team. Project direct benefitted families are selected by project team before neuro physiotherapy jobs data collection and data collection will be covered through those neuro physiotherapy jobs selected the project target village/camps. HH survey questionnaires will be based on indicators of objective neuro physiotherapy jobs and outcomes which are shown in table 1. Consultant team should be submitted the draft questionnaires when they neuro physiotherapy jobs provide the technical proposal to SCI for tender selection process.

The lead consultant/evaluation team will review relevant documentation from section 6 below neuro physiotherapy jobs (reference material). Based on this review, they will produce an inception report which will include an neuro physiotherapy jobs elaborate plan, methodology, tools and sampling strategy of the data collection for evaluation neuro physiotherapy jobs study. The evaluation will only proceed to the next stage upon neuro physiotherapy jobs approval of this inception report by MEAL manager. An appropriate inception report format will be provided to the neuro physiotherapy jobs team later on.

Save the children’s work is based on deeply held values and principles neuro physiotherapy jobs of child safeguarding, and it is essential that our commitment to children’s rights and humanitarian principles is supported and demonstrated by neuro physiotherapy jobs all members of staff and other people working for and neuro physiotherapy jobs with save the children. Save the children’s code of conduct sets out the standards which all neuro physiotherapy jobs staff members must adhere to and the consultant is bound neuro physiotherapy jobs to sign and abide to the save the children’s code of conduct.

A contract will be signed by the consultant before commencement neuro physiotherapy jobs of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables. The consultant will be expected to treat as private and neuro physiotherapy jobs confidential any information disclosed to her/him or with which she/he may come into contact during her/his service. The consultant will not therefore disclose the same or any neuro physiotherapy jobs particulars thereof to any third party or publish it in neuro physiotherapy jobs any paper without the prior written consent of save the neuro physiotherapy jobs children. Any sensitive information (particularly concerning individual children) should be treated as confidential.