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A ‘wait and see’ approach is not recommended. There is a window of time for developing language skills. Parents often get advice from well-meaning grandparents, friends, and even doctors, who suggest that there is no need to be concerned neuro physiotherapy london if your child is late to talk. Everyone has heard stories about children who didn’t learn to talk until they were three or four neuro physiotherapy london years old and who turned out ‘just fine’.

It is true that most children do learn to talk neuro physiotherapy london eventually. The concern, however, is how these children will use language as they get neuro physiotherapy london older. Research shows that children who are late to talk are neuro physiotherapy london at higher risk for language delays in a variety of neuro physiotherapy london areas. These delays can cause difficulties with literacy skills and in neuro physiotherapy london performance at school, even into the teen years.

The research tells us that with very young children, parent training and support are the best way to help neuro physiotherapy london develop language skills. Here at pathways our speech language pathologists are skilled at neuro physiotherapy london working with families to help them to support their child’s language development. We love to coach parents to help them develop their neuro physiotherapy london child’s full potential!

There is a range of therapies available that includes the neuro physiotherapy london use of animals. It sounds appealing, but you may be wondering how it works in practise. Hippotherapy uses horses to help individuals improve balance, posture, mobility, mobility and motor function. It’s not new. Hippocrates wrote a chapter on riding as a form of neuro physiotherapy london therapy centuries ago, and others followed his suggestion. In the 20th century two formal disciplines developed that include neuro physiotherapy london the use of horses. In therapeutic riding people with disabilities learn to ride for neuro physiotherapy london exercise. By contrast, hippotherapy uses the movement of the horse to stimulate physical neuro physiotherapy london responses. Hippotherapy requires

Physical: improved vertical and horizontal balance, muscle tone, motor coordination. Patients experience the independent movement of the pelvis and shoulders, essential for healthy walking habits. Riding provides the same upper body sensations as walking. Psychological: general well-being and improved self-esteem. Riders gain self-confidence from successfully learning a new skill. Educational: attention and concentration. Social: respect, responsibility, perseverance. Students often grow attached to the horses which can foster neuro physiotherapy london positive attitudes, empathy, and social integration.

Home functional assessments consider clients’ pre-accident status and their current ability to perform self-care, homemaking and care-giving tasks.They are based on observation of performance in the home neuro physiotherapy london after which recommendations are made regarding equipment needs, the need for further occupational therapy and the need for neuro physiotherapy london homemaking assistance.

Functional retraining programs are based on functional problems identified in neuro physiotherapy london the occupational therapy assessment. The occupational therapist will teach the client and their caregivers, strategies to increase independence with functional tasks such as dressing, bathing and meal preparation. Homemaking retraining programs may also be warranted in which education neuro physiotherapy london and training are provided regarding pacing, work simplification, proper body mechanics and use of assistive devices (if necessary), to facilitate return to pre-accident homemaking activities.

Return to work programs are developed in collaboration with the neuro physiotherapy london client, the employer and other treating health professionals, a graduated return to work program is devised. Implementation of the program may involve providing job coaching and neuro physiotherapy london equipment recommendations. The occupational therapist will maintain client/employer contact throughout the program and will make revisions as neuro physiotherapy london necessary for a successful outcome.

Job site analysis includes employer client interviews, thorough observation of the work area and a review of neuro physiotherapy london essential job tasks. This results in a physical demands analysis to provide objective neuro physiotherapy london measurements of job demands. Comments may be made about our client’s current ability to perform the job and recommendations will neuro physiotherapy london be made regarding steps that should be taken to facilitate neuro physiotherapy london a timely and successful return to work.